Pittsburgh Business Group on Health
Group Purchasing

PBGH offers cost management solutions by negotiating aggressive pricing along with service and performance guarantees.

Prescription Drug Program
A self-insured, carve-out option with negotiated savings, strategic consultation, detailed cost, utilization and outcome analysis, reporting tools, annual audit and best in class account management. Learn more

Health Care Program
A self-insured option for core administrative and value-added care management services with a menu of health care product offerings, regional and national provider networks, enhanced reporting and fee and performance guarantees. Learn more 

Medical Claims and Dependent Eligibility Audits
A preferred, discounted fee arrangement to assess the administrative effectiveness and accuracy of processed and paid medical claims and/or to assure the accuracy of dependent eligibility  and to identify individuals no longer covered where claims may have been processed and paid. Learn more

Flu Shot Program
Negotiated, low fees provide members the vehicle to offer employees convenient, affordable vaccination services through PBGH’s selected vendors along with the direct purchase of vaccines for employers that provide onsite medical services. Learn more

Medical Consultation Services
Provides employees facing complicated and/or life-changing health issues access to some of the nation’s most advanced medical expertise to assure the right diagnosis and right treatment is being received. Learn more

DISCLAIMER AND NOTICE The information contained on the Living My Life Coach Pharmacists section is intended to be used solely as a reference resource and not as definitive advice. Since the accuracy of the information has not been independently confirmed by PBGH, the PBGH is not responsible for errors or omissions or for any consequences from application of the information and makes no warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to the currency, completeness, or accuracy of the contents of the information. You should use your own independent judgment in determining the suitability of the information to your particular situation. PBGH does not offer medical diagnosis or patient-specific treatment advice.