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The LivingMyLife® Program is a diabetes management program that provides personalized assessment, education, and health coaching to enrollees to manage their overall health. Numerous studies have shown that diabetic patients who receive personalized diabetes management counseling are healthier individuals, resulting fewer hospitalizations, reduced overall health care expenses, and absenteeism.

This turn-key program is available to PBGH members for their employees, dependents and under age 65 retirees. 

Components that make the program work:

  • Employers have the option to  waive co-pays for diabetic supplies and medications
  • Participants voluntarily enroll in the program and participate in regularly scheduled appointments to learn the techniques of managing their overall health CVS Coach-pharmacists conduct regular calls with the participant and is part of the participant physician directed care team
  • CVS is the administrator of the LML Program, provides the documentation and  analytic reporting support

Benefits of Participation to Employers

  • A tested, innovative health benefits solution, in line with value-based benefits
  • Empowers, educates and motivates participates to better self-manage their diabetes
  • Results indicate decreased overall health care costs for people with diabetes enrolled in the program
  • Participating employers will receive clinical, economic and patient satisfaction reports quarterly
  • PBGH oversight

For Companies to participate in the LivingMyLife Program

  • Sign a necessary agreements with the LivingMyLife Program/Consider waiving co-pays for diabetic medications and supplies
  • Determine how you want CVS/Caremark to target participants for the program
  • Modify benefit design as needed for participants with diabetes i.e. covering insulin pumps under your prescription drug plan, or dieticians under your medical plan

Return on Investment
Healthier workers and dependents, Decreased absenteeism and Decreased overall health care costs

For more information contact Diane McClune at diane.mcclune@pbghpa.com or 724-775-1613.

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