Pittsburgh Business Group on Health
Prescription Drug Program

With prescription drug costs representing nearly 20% of an employer’s overall health care spend, PBGH's Prescription Drug Program, designed by employers for employers, offers members a self-insured, carve out solution for managing this component of the health care benefit plan. Leveraging the collective power of employers, the program has produced over a decade of trends significantly below national and industry benchmarks including multiple years of negative trends. This value-added benefit is included in the PBGH membership.

Key components of the program include:

  • Company-specific benefit designs, analysis and reporting
  • Aggressive, volume-driven financials
  • Best-in-class service including the dedicated, No.1 Caremark Account Management Team
  • Defined company-specific and coalition performance guarantees
  • Networking opportunities for participating members
  • Participation in the LivingMyLifeTM program for diabetes
  • PBGH-paid annual audit to validate the performance, effectiveness and competitiveness of the program
  • Ongoing and monthly management of the program

Semi-annual Leadership Forums keep members ahead of the curve through

  • Networking and sharing of strategies and best practices including member round-table “straight talk” discussions
  • Analyzing program performance and trends
  • Reviewing impacts of plan designs in managing employer and employee costs and  
  • Hearing first hand from leading industry experts on industry trends, innovations, marketplace changes and future direction

Employer Members can find more information here.

For more information contact Jessica Brooks at jessica.brooks@pbghpa.com or 724-251-0230.

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