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Who is PBGH?
Pittsburgh Business Group on Health (PBGH) is the only employer-led, non-profit coalition of large, mid-size, and small organizations representing various business segments throughout the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. We believe in transparency of the health care industry and our work is always guided with this in mind and to benefit the end user – the individuals that make-up our greater community.

Why was PBGH formed?
We were formed in the early 1980s by the local business community, who recognized the dire need for a collective voice. Twenty-one companies formed an advocacy group to drive change of cost and health care delivery to employers and their employees.

What is the mission of PBGH as an organization?
PBGH champions outcomes-based, cost-effective health care through education, market expertise, group purchasing comparative data and decision support. PBGH strives to help employers make informed decisions on health care options that might be available to them. We exist to better the health care landscape for business owners and their employees.

What are the types of organizations that PBGH currently serves?
PBGH provides a united voice for various business segments including private and public employers, government and education.

Who does PBGH work with outside of the local market?
PBGH is an alliance made up of employers whose populations span the nation and even the globe. Over two-thirds of PBGH members have operations outside of Western Pennsylvania, which includes neighboring states and beyond. Our work not only impacts business owners and employers, but also the greater Pittsburgh area and beyond. 

Why would PBGH interact with other organizations outside of the Pittsburgh area?
The dynamics of provider consolidation increases in health care costs, access and quality is not a local matter, rather one that is widespread and increasingly growing. And because our member base is national, we’ve expanded relationships and programming. Our shared voice is fully representative of our members.

How does PBGH’s work benefit businesses?
PBGH seeks to educate members by providing a variety of services to help inform on health care choices. Some of the activities PBGH organizes for employers include an annual health care symposium, annual trends forum, as well as regular data and analytics gathering. We provide a transparent service and platform that allows employers to make informed decisions on health care options.

How does PBGH provide a “collective voice” for its members?
The organization is fully staffed by a group of individuals dedicated to bringing best-in-class health options and savings to not only their own employees, but also the greater Pittsburgh business community. With a board comprised of members representing various business sectors, the organization is a small collective representation of the broader business community. Additionally, PBGH regularly deploys member surveys and conducts in-depth data initiatives to ensure the concerns and voices of all members are regularly heard and acted upon.  

How does PBGH ensure an unbiased approach?
The board, staff and officers of PBGH are comprised of a cross-section of business leaders from the greater Pittsburgh business community. All are driven by the common goal of improving the cost, delivery, and value of health care to members.

How does the information collected by PBGH benefit members?
The information collected by PBGH allows for an in-depth understanding of demographics, trends and specific benefits issues affecting the region we serve. For example, PBGH provides members with data on price variation of service, outpatient, inpatient and pharmacy costs. Demographic comparison data helps to identify the specific variances in the region that might affect cost of health care. Hospital comparison observations allow for local market insight on care of hypertension, diabetes, depression or how the region rates overall versus surrounding markets.

How does PBGH gather this information?
PBGH utilizes a variety of tools from various vendors in order to compile its data. Some examples include Truven Analytics – to look at market price variations, Pittsburgh Geographic Variations, Comparion and eValue8 – to measure the rates and performance of health plans.

What other services are offered by PBGH?
In addition to member support services and data analytics, PBGH offers quality health care options that are affordable and valuable through group purchasing. Services include a prescription drug program, health care plans, flu shot programs and medical consultation services. From an employer’s perspective, these options offer great cost savings.

Can you tell me more about the prescription and health care program offerings?
The prescription plan that PBGH offers is a self-insured, carve-out option with negotiated savings, strategic consultation, detailed cost utilization and outcome analysis with reporting tools and an annual audit that is supported with best in class account management. Via the prescription drug program, PBGH was recently able to deliver more competitive options to our members equaling over $75 million in savings.

Why would PBGH interact with other organizations outside of the Pittsburgh area?
PBGH is one of many regional health care advocacy groups across the country and part of the National Business Coalition on Health, which is dedicated to value-based purchasing of high-quality health care and achieving an improved health status of the American population.

What is the benefit of an affiliation with the National Business Coalition on Health?
With a shared mission of providing value based, high-quality health care to employers, PBGH has added access to resources, data and healthcare trends across regions. Additionally, affiliation with the National Business Coalition on Health affords a national and united collective voice.


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